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New Website Design SEO offers website hosting, security, and care plans to help you keep your website up and running. We check daily to make plugin updates and that your site is up and running.


If you want people to be able to see what your company is all about, you need a website. And just like a regular window, it’s important to keep it clean and well taken care of. That means protecting it from damage, making sure it’s optimized for search engines, and backing it up so that your data is safe.

Website security and maintenance are a must-have these days. Make sure to protect your site with an up-to-date web hosting package, optimize it for Google’s algorithms (and avoid black hat SEO), and back it up regularly using copies stored in different geographical locations so they can’t be compromised by hackers or natural disasters alike – not just because there might come a time when you need those files again but also as part of ensuring that people who visit know exactly how much information about them we’re collecting at any given moment; finally care deeply about the well being of every visitor on our pages thanks largely due to this effort put forth together!

We’re here for you! We take on the stress so that your business can grow unchecked.


Here’s a snapshot of the key components that make our website care plan invaluable for our clients.


When you invest in a quality website, it’s important to ensure that your hosting service will keep up. You need reliable and secure servers with enough resources for heavy traffic – but at an affordable price!


Just like your phone has software updates, so do websites. Not to mention out-of-date plugins are one of the leading causes of hacks on a business’s website! That is why we weekly update your website.


We are always monitoring your sites and ensuring that they’re running smoothly. We have the latest tools for protection, including anti-hacker software to keep you safe from hackers or any other online threat!


 A daily backup is critical to ensure you’re never without content, and if something happens with traffic or technical difficulties in order restore it quickly from an earlier point in time before anything gets too outta hand! We offer these services as part of our plans so there’s no need to worry about what might go wrong.


Your site will load quickly and without error when you use our services. We have the tools to make sure that all of your media, files, databases are optimized for speed so they can perform well on any internet connection! We offer a number of services for improving loading times on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices!


We know how to help you grow your business with our monthly web strategy sessions. We’ll let you in on all of the latest marketing trends and provide helpful conversion best practices so that we can work together towards making changes for an even more successful site!


We want to make sure we have the perfect website care plan for your business.

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Some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our website care plan.

What if I require more time than the monthly support time allows?

We work hard to get your updates done within 1 hour because we want you to save some money. But if there are a lot of documents that need more time, then our team will estimate how long it’ll take and charge a reduced hourly rate for this special monthly service!

What if the site gets hacked or breached while on the plan?

You can rest assured that your security is our top priority. We take full responsibility if there’s ever a breach, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

Does my monthly update time roll over?

The retainer of hourly updates is covered for that month but does not roll over or add up to be used later.

What's included in the monthly time?

Your monthly time covers any updates, additions, or add-ons to your website. For example, changing hours of operation for the business owner in charge so that he can focus on other aspects like marketing and sales while still maintaining his commitment towards providing great customer service!

We are happy to offer an hourly retainer. This is the best option for you if more time needs to be allotted and will save money over the long term!

Once the site is up and running, we’ll be able to start adding content in addition. We don’t want you spending all your time on this project when there are other aspects of marketing that need attention as well!
The monthly amount allocated for updates or work can only include those activities – it’s not possible at any point during our agreement (or after) if something else needs updating too such is a step-by-step revamp process which would require another discounted price from us because these tasks will take longer than just about anything else out there

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